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Brain Fuel Cookbook; Recipes to Make Your Brain Work Better
So easy to make HEALTHY homemade sweet potato fries! Tutorial: Cut sweet potato, drizzle olive oil, sea salt, roast for about 30 minutes, and viola! Healthy sweet potato fries. I hope you enjoy the video. Be sure to use authentic extra virgin olive oil and you'll be cooking!
Steel cut oats look more like BB's and take longer to cook. Rolled oats are flat and cook quickly. Remember to buy rolled oats in bulk and keep in the fridge for freshness.
Choosing a quality olive oil is important. Be sure to use your olive oil and not shelf it. Unlike a fine wine, It doesn't get better with time. Whether it is virgin or extra virgin, be sure it is authentic olive oil. It is great for making healthy snacks and offers great health benefits and brain fuel.
This short video demonstrates the easiest and best way to juice a lemon or lime. Whether you are a juicer or a cook looking to put a little citrus in your diet, you will find this tutorial offers a great method for extracting juice. If lemonade or limeade is your thing, why not squeeze it fresh. Fresh tastes better and is healthier too.
Parsley and Cilantro will stay fresh longer than you expect. The tip is to keep the leaves dry. I will show you a couple ways to wash and store both in this video. It can even look decorative in your fridge!
What has influenced my thinking about food.
Three tips to remember when making a food choice. I was a serial dieter until I figured out that eating sensibly makes me feel and THINK better. Plus NEWS FLASH: Sardines are the new fast food!
Why I will never diet again. When we think about the food we eat we should consider the source. We want the best quality in order for it to be healing rather than harming. I was a serial dieter until I retrained myself to think of food as fuel for my body and brain. Now that I'm addicted to nutritious foods because they make me feel good, I don't put on extra pounds.
Hard Boiled Eggs and Kimchi. Eggs and Kimchi are a healthy, quick, and easy breakfast.
Here's an easy way to peel a boiled egg. Eggs contain choline, a nutrient thought to boost brain power by speeding up the signal to nerve cells.
Managing Blood Sugar Levels - Brain Fuel Cookbook Animation.