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Reviews of the Brain Fuel Cookbook

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Home run!!

“Before this book, I did not know the answer to what are brain foods? I also was not a cook, but now feel like I have become a healthy cook with growing confidence!

I have prepared every recipe in the book, in the order shown…yes, I really did! I was determined to progress to the final recipe, Healthy Lasagna. I was successful – and it was so worth it! The best lasagna!!

The author’s build-upon order of the food introduction enabled me to progress with the easier recipes first; this helped me move forward in steps, both in the kitchen as well as understanding the food and ingredients. I can’t forget to mention that I love the food – that’s the best part!

My interest in healthy eating started years ago with another book, but I stalled in my personal progress because I felt intimidated with the food preparation requirements and the textbook amount of nutritional information to learn. My experience with this book was the exact opposite. It was a fun read and easy to follow. I highly recommend this book.

In this book, thanks to the to-the-point approach along with hands on skill progression in the kitchen, I have gained a confidence in cooking and know about the ingredients I am putting in my food. Major home run!!!”   ~ by Frigtoes

Brain Fuel

“This book is really fascinating, love the graphics and additional explanation she offers, which is helpful to someone like me. I read the entire book in one night. Some of the ingredients are new to me, but she recognizes that and offers interesting tid bits. So much more enjoyable than the traditional cookbook format we are use to. I know families that have lived the heartache of Alzheimer’s disease and many babyboomers can relate and are seeking answers to slow the progress of this horrible disease. Her book is spot on. Many of us seek these types of solutions that easily fit into our lives by eating smart.”
~ by Patricia Graham, Ed.D, APRN-BC (Hospice Nurse Practitioner)

Fantastic recipes & instructions – LOVE IT

“I have tried to eat healthier for years, but as it turns out I just don’t like being hungry! I go through cycles of eating really “healthy” for a few months, but then I can’t handle being so hungry and unsatisfied all the time, so I go back to eating whatever sounds good.

This book showed me why those “healthy” recipes were leaving me hungry and unsatisfied. It explained in simple terms how to cook foods that fuel me in a steady way (rather than just a short term boost that fizzles out quickly).

A lot of the healthy cookbooks I have downloaded in the past seemed unrealistic — in other words, I couldn’t imagine making the recipes more than once. These recipes are laid out in a smart way and are easy to cook from right off your iPad in the kitchen. I have cooked almost all the recipes in this book and haven’t found any I didn’t enjoy. The amount of food you get to eat for the calories is fantastic. NOTE: I did find that it was helpful to set your iPad not to auto lock (in the general settings app – so the screen stays on while you cook).

I decided to do a week long test of eating mostly the food from this book and truly noticed a big change in my attitude, overall energy throughout the day, and–most shocking to me–a true lack of hunger. I finally feel like I know how to eat!

I can’t go on enough about how much this has changed my life. I am recommending it to everyone I know!”  ~ by macaddiict


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