01 Dec

Home run!!

Before this book, I called myself a non-cook. I now feel like I have become a healthy cook with growing confidence! I have a fridge & freezer full of ready-made good food as as result!

I have prepared every recipe in the book, in the order shown…yes, I really did! I was determined to progress to the final recipe, Healthy Lasagna. I was successful – and it was so worth it! The best lasagna!!

The author’s build-upon order of the food introduction enabled me to progress with the easier recipes first; this helped me move forward in steps, both in the kitchen as well as understanding the food and ingredients. I can’t forget to mention that I love the food – that’s the best part!

My interest in healthy eating started years ago with another book, but I stalled in my personal progress because I felt intimidated with the food preparation requirements and the textbook amount of nutritional information to learn. My experience with this book was the exact opposite. It was a fun read and easy to follow. I highly recommend this book.

In this book, thanks to the to-the-point approach along with hands on skill progression in the kitchen, I have gained a confidence in cooking and know about the ingredients I am putting in my food. Major home run!!!

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