Why I wrote this book

I was raised in a home full of love where food was often at the center of our family’s togetherness. We were taught to appreciate the food we had to eat. We enjoyed the time we spent eating together. And as my siblings and I grew older, we enjoyed spending time in the kitchen with our Mom. Although the kitchen was probably her place to escape, she always welcomed us to join her. And because of her generosity, all four of her children are  really good cooks.

Despite having these great life experiences as a child, I developed issues with food resulted in me dieting for many years of my life (9 years old to the age of 40). Many of those diets were ill advised, and never gave me lasting results.

It took me over 20 years, but eventually I learned enough about nutrition to overcome what some doctors may call disordered eating. I stopped dieting. I stopped being obsessed with my weight. And most importantly, I became stronger and healthier after learning to eat foods that were good
for my body.

Years later when my mother was diagnosed with dementia, I started reading about how food affects our brains. I would never claim that my healthy recipes magically cured my Mom – sadly, they did not. However, I do know that the changes we made to my Mom’s nutrition did help to make her final years better.

I have other stories to share about how good nutrition has impacted my life. My life would be drastically different had I not changed my thinking. My brain is working better because I’ve learned what a brain needs to stay healthy.

My cookbook is full of healthy versions of typically not-so-healthy foods which are some of my favorites. The instructions are step by step with photos and extra explanations so even a novice cook can prepare them. All of my recipes call for nutrient dense whole foods combined into a healthy mix of complex carbohydrates, proteins and brain-healthy fats.

After working through recipes in this book (they start with the easiest to prepare and end with lasagna – the most time intensive) you will have the knowledge you need to begin creating your own brain healthy foods.

Nurturing our brains IS brain science, but it’s all doable and can be delicious!

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