Why I wrote this book

I was raised in a home full of love where food was often at the center of our family’s togetherness. My siblings and I we were taught to appreciate the food we had to eat. And our Mom was a really good cook, so that part was easy!

The kitchen was my Mom’s happy place. She loved reading cookbooks and trying new recipes and she taught her four children to do the same. Because of her generosity, all four us are  proficient in the kitchen.

Despite having these great life experiences, and what I would consider an ideal childhood, I did develop issues with food. I dieted a lot. Many of those diets were ill advised, and they never gave me lasting results.

It took me over 20 years, but eventually I learned enough about nutrition to overcome what some doctors may call disordered eating. I stopped dieting. I stopped being obsessed with my weight. And most importantly, I became stronger and healthier after learning to eat foods that were good for my body and brain.

There are other stories I will share with you about how good nutrition has impacted my life. Without a doubt, my life would be drastically different had I not changed my thinking.

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