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Sam Anderson was raised in a loving home where cooking was a joyous occasion and meals were eaten as a family after giving thanks. Despite what she considers to be an ideal childhood, she developed issues with food that culminated into years of dieting.

She began studying nutrition to deal with those issues and along the way became fascinated with how food affects the brain. For over 20 years Sam has read about anything she could get her hands on relating to brain nutrition and function. She continues to study foods and their affect on the brain and enjoys creating brain food recipes – or what she calls “Brain Fuel.”

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Her research is beneficial to anyone, but especially those that are dealing with cognitive decline, diabetes and eating disorders. Her recipes are easy to prepare and are written in a way so that a reader will learn about the ingredients and want to incorporate them into their everyday life. And just as important, she has created healthy versions of typically not-so-healthy foods which are all delicious.

Since 1989, Sam has owned and operated a graphics business that caters to trial attorneys. This cookbook was created in the same way she approaches her work, asking the questions: What information needs to be relayed? How can that information be made understandable and memorable?

Although the reasons for changing her diet may have varied over the years, the answers she found came back to the same conclusions: What is good for the brain is also good for the body. All of her recipes call for nutrient dense whole foods used to create a healthy combination of complex carbohydrates, proteins and brain-healthy fats.

Sam views this book as the opening dialogue to a very important topic — the proper fueling of our body’s most important and complex organ. Nurturing our brains IS brain science, but it’s all doable and should be a priority to everyone interested in keeping their brain healthy.

After reading this book, if you have information or stories to share or if you see something that doesn’t make sense to you, please reach out to me.

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