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The Brain Fuel Book makes it easy to learn – or teach someone else, how to shop for ingredients and prepare food that is good for your brain.

The recipes  are organized by simplicity to prepare and have been tested and re-tested to ensure that even the first time cook will be able to prepare them. 

The unique workbook format introduces new ingredients and preparation methods with each recipe.  All the recipes include a picture of the finished product, pop-up tips on how to choose the best ingredients, and easy to follow step-by-step directions. 

Once the reader works through all the recipes, they will be a seasoned cook with skills to create their own brain healthy foods!

In addition to focusing on brain health, this cookbook is different because it:

  • contains information about the ingredients, how to shop for them, and how to store them
  • includes step-by-step preparation instructions (if you can read, you can cook!)
  • provides nutritional information in a more graphic form
  • sorts the recipes from easiest to prepare to most difficult
  • calculates cost per serving

Note: All recipes are naturally gluten-free without any ingredient replacement, except for the Cinnamon Rollers and Flip-It. Those two recipes can be gluten-free if you use gluten-free tortillas.


Free on Apple Books!